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At Amplify EyeCare Chattanooga, we take pride in providing specialized, high quality eye care. Our staff and facility are designed to diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions, including low vision issues, learning-related vision disorders, and vision issues caused by trauma.

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Dr. Heather McBryar is a board certified optometrist, in addition to being a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), a candidate for Fellowship in the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA), and a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry (ABO).

Our experienced vision therapists and other staff work closely with Dr. McBryar to ensure our patients receive the highest level of care.
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Our facility is designed to provide a pleasant atmosphere for patients in addition to high quality care. One side of the office is primarily focused on low vision treatment, while the other is centered around vision therapy. The vision therapy side includes extra space in the waiting area for families with children. To see more of the office, check out Dr. McBryar’s guided tour to see more!
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Monday - Tuesday
7:30AM - 5:15PM

Wednesday - Thursday
8:00AM - 5:15PM

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1043 Executive Drive Suite #101 Hixson, TN 37343
(423) 710 3966
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