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What to Expect During Your Visit

Dr. McBryar is proud to welcome you to her state-of-the-art, comfortable, and expansive office space. It is generally divided between the low vision treatment side and the vision therapy side, but they are part of the same whole. Enjoy a quick overview of the facility.

How Low Vision is Treated

The small but comfortable reception area also includes the technician’s office, which is behind a partition both to enable her to work with less distraction, but also to ensure that any patient info she is working with remains properly confidential according to HIPPA guidelines.

Patients will then move to the preliminary testing room, which contains several testing devices including a visual field, OCT, autorefractor and retinal camera, before moving to one of two exam rooms. One of these is larger than the other, designed to be wheelchair accessible.

Low vision patients who require extra examination will then proceed to another device room, which contains a great number of devices used to run more specific tests, including vision relating to screens.

The office also features a small optical space where there is a limited selection of frames, along with numerous absorptive filters that can be moved to exam rooms--or even outside if the patient has an issue related to outdoor glare that requires correction. This room also features a piano, which sees a fair amount of use thanks to a significant number of musician patients that come through.

The Crossover Point

Near the location where the low vision side and the vision therapy side meet, we have Dr. McBryar’s office, some storage space, and a spillover therapy room that the therapists can use if they’re working with a child that has attention issues or for an orientation session. It’s a nice open space that will likely see more use going forward. This area is also where you’ll find the restrooms; one for patients and the other for employees.

The Vision Therapy Side

There isn’t a whole lot of crossover between the two sides for the sake of staying organized (phone calls received are triaged to the appropriate side and appointments are color coded so it’s easy to tell at a glance who is coming in for what.) However, the two sides may become more interconnected in the future.

One thing you’re sure to notice is the hall with handprints in paint from children who’ve graduated from vision therapy. It’s a nice way for them to celebrate.

Following along this path you’d reach the main therapy room, which features 4 large work stations. The kids in vision therapy aren’t kept stationary, however; they’re bounced around between a half dozen or so different procedures, so they’re never bored.

Off to the side, there’s a smaller room for patients who are doing a lot of body work like bilateral integration. It’s helpful to be able to bring patients to a more private space to get down on the floor so they don’t have to feel silly in front of other kids--and so other kids aren’t distracted by the kid on the floor.

Close by is the lead therapist’s office, where all the programming of therapy is done, and where she can talk to parents about their child’s progress or other matters, and there is a larger conference room available for us as well. There is also one additional exam room on this side--which features an ancient projector!

Very Kid Friendly

The reception area on this side is quite large and open, with plenty of room for families. Kids won’t be lacking space in which to to run around while they await their appointment. And, importantly for anyone bringing kids, there is a conveniently located restroom.

Convenient Location

The office is located in a professional center, with lots of other doctors offices close at hand, and there is plenty of available parking right outside the office. Something that is not only convenient for patients, but also for employees, contributing to a much more comfortable working environment.

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