Dr. McBryar and Optometry

Combining Low Vision Treatment and Vision Therapy

In the broad profession of optometry, you usually see doctors who either specialize in vision therapy or in treating low vision, but rarely both combined into a single practice.

How Dr. McBryar Came to Combine the Two Disciplines

Dr. McBryar has a son who is both visually impaired and on the autism spectrum. Through seeing the day-to-day challenges he faced related to vision, but were also related to his autism, it got her thinking. Why weren’t these two specialties combined more often?

The combination of potential vision-related problems extends further, such as with a patient who suffered a traumatic brain injury or stroke, but who also has macular degeneration or glaucoma. This patient would need both a vision aid for the mechanical problem and also therapy to help them perform daily activities and to function visual field loss or other problems stemming from their injury.

More Complex Issues Require a Different Treatment Approach

As time goes on, doctors are going to encounter increasingly complex cases. How best should one treat a patient with special needs who has also suffered a traumatic brain injury, with double vision on top of it all? How should one approach treatment of a patient who had a stable condition, but a traumatic accident or medical incident now leaves them with a mix of visual difficulties?
To Dr. McBryar, the clear solution is to combine the specialties that are used to treat the different types of problems. This allows the doctor to tackle the routine, straightforward cases, while also being prepared for the more complicated ones--especially those cases where the cause of the patient’s vision issues is unclear.

Improve Quality of Life

A patient may be experiencing difficulty in an everyday task, but is told that their known issues were treated, thus they should be okay. Except they aren’t.

Through combining these two specialties of low vision treatment and vision therapy, Dr. McBryar is able to work with her patients to identify these issues and their causes, in order to help then return to the higher quality of life they had previously enjoyed.

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