What You Should Know to Make an Informed Purchase

Your glasses might primarily be a medical device, but they also are a personal statement. It’s important, when choosing glasses either for yourself or your child, to both make sure they provide the eye care and protection you need while also looking good.

There are numerous different options in terms of the lenses and their features to choose from, as well as many more frame styles and colors, so the task of finding what’s right for you can be a daunting one. The resources below are meant to serve as a general guide and as a starting point for your quest for the perfect glasses.

Choosing Glasses for Children

It’s hard enough picking out glasses for yourself; when children are involved, it gets more complicated for a variety of reasons. The resources here will help make your job an easier, and less stressful one.


Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, though they are useful to have even if your eyes do not need a specific correction. They provide a better experience while in the great outdoors, while also looking good.

Designer Frames

Make your sunglasses a fashion statement. Check out a variety of high-end designer frames.

Lens Coatings

Sometimes basic lenses aren’t quite enough. Lens coatings can provide additional durability for the lenses, or extra protection and assistance for your eyes depending on your personal requirements.

Prescription Eyeglasses

Learn about the benefits of different types of lenses, and how to make sure you get what your eyes need.

Choosing Glasses That Suit Your Personality

Take a fun quiz to get a sense of what type of glasses are best suited for your personality.

Buying Glasses: Local or Online?

Learn the pros and cons of purchasing your glasses online, as opposed to in a physical store.

The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

Learn how to choose a frame that’ll best express yourself and suit you based on your face shape and skin tone.

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