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Vision Therapy Success Stories

Vision therapy is a vital intervention for a variety of disorders, from poor eye alignment to traumatic brain injury, that has proven itself to be an effective way to treat chronic, troublesome eye conditions. Vision therapy is a means to an improved quality of life through an understanding of neuroplasticity and the brain’s role in what we once thought was just an eye problem.

The Benefits of Vision Therapy

Imagine being told you’d be a successful student if you just applied yourself. How would you feel if you were told you needed to try harder, be more determined, or push past your comfort zone in order to do well? While those pithy statements make for great quotes often splattered across social media, people who struggle with visual deficits simply can’t “try harder.” And it’s not because they don’t want to, but because their eyes and brain do not communicate the way they should.

Vision therapy, though not a panacea for every eye problem, can help children and adults alike develop the skills they need to see both efficiently and effectively. By developing one’s neuroplasticity and teaching the systems behind the eyes to function at optimum levels, people are able to not only see better but live better, too.

Qualitative Improvements

When a child is unable to perform well in school because the words on the board are fuzzy, it’s not only the child that suffers but the families who love them and the teachers who want to help them. And when adult experiences decreased vision due to a stroke or macular degeneration, they become more reliant on those around them, losing skills and independence along the way.

What has become clear is that vision therapy helps far more than one’s vision; effective vision therapy often gives folks a new lease on life. Because when you can see for yourself you can do things for yourself and that’s worth its weight in gold.

Seeing is Believing

We know how life-changing vision therapy can be, but we believe that our patients can attest to its benefits far better than us.

Take for example this letter written by the mom of a fourth grader:
“My daughter C is thrilled to be able to read without fighting the battle of blurry vision and double vision. She suffered from headaches and complete exhaustion throughout the fourth grade. She would re-read material up to five times because she was aware she was skipping words in lines. She was also self-conscious about not reading as quickly as her peers and worried that her vision problems couldn’t be resolved. Dr. McBryar encouraged her to persevere in therapy, even when it was difficult, and no immediate change was noticed. She also explained the purpose of exercises in therapy and explained the need for homework assignments. When results were achieved, she was thrilled. I remember her beside me she could read with no vision problems. She felt confident and proud of her accomplishments. I feel that she could not have achieved this great success without the guidance and instruction from Dr. Mcbryar I am so grateful.”
And this letter written by an adult patient:
“... my problems started with a stroke in August 2018 [that] caused damage to my balance and right eye centers in my brain. It was three weeks until I could stand up without help, and I was left with severe double vision and vertigo. After successful physical rehab, they recommended Dr. Heather McBryar. She recommended ... I start eye therapy, and they began with a series of visual tests to establish a baseline to gauge my future progress. After a series of weekly appointments, which included many different eye exercises, I began to notice a major improvement in my vision and vertigo. Sometimes the improvement was subtle, and sometimes it was marked. So far my double vision is gone. I'm back on my mountain bike, driving, gardening, welding, and I have my season ski pass for Colorado.”

Your Success is Our Success

We believe that it’s important to share the stories of patients who have been successful with vision therapy. That is why we place our “success story books” prominently in our waiting area so you can read for yourself how vision therapy has improved the lives of so many.
We welcome you to ask questions and find out how vision therapy can help you. As the saying goes, seeing is truly believing.

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