Is My Child's Myopia Worsening?

Is My Child's Myopia Worsening? in Chattanooga

A Parent's Guide to Managing Myopia in Children?

Myopia is the medical term for "nearsightedness", where people develop blurred distance vision while retaining clear close-up vision. It can be diagnosed during a standard eye exam for visual acuity. 

Myopia is becoming more pervasive worldwide with some estimates maintaining that approximately half of the world's population will have this condition by 2050. The American Optometric Association reports that myopia already impacts close to 30% of the U.S. populace. Without optometric intervention, myopia can degenerate and may result in other complications such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. 

Many parents worry that their child’s myopia may be degenerating, and would like to know how to identify and prevent its progression. The following article will explain the factors that may contribute to myopia progression.

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What Factors May Lead To Myopia Progression?

Certain factors may contribute to a worsening of the condition in children with myopia. These include:

  • Natural Eye Growth: Normal eye growth may lead to a lengthening of the eye or corneal curvature, both of which are associated with this condition.
  • Hereditary Factors: Several studies show a hereditary component to myopia. Inform the optometrist if you have a family history of eye disorders
  • Insufficient Outdoor Play: Studies have shown lower levels of myopia among children who spend more time outdoors. 
  • Eye-Strain: Over-exposure to digital screens and excessive close-up work (such as extensive periods of reading) may lead to a worsening of this condition. Children often notice these symptoms when they experience difficulty watching a movie or looking at the classroom whiteboard from afar.
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Contact Your Optometrist To Find Out More

This article is intended as an aid to follow up with an optometrist for further evaluation. It is not a diagnostic tool or replacement for optometric care. If you are concerned that your child’s myopia is getting worse, schedule an exam with an optometrist.

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