Research Category: VT Sports

Intraocular Pressure Responses to Four Different Isometric Exercises in Men and Women

Dynamics of Saccadic Adaptation: Differences Between Athletes and Nonathletes

Intraocular Pressure as an Indicator of the Level of Induced Anxiety in Basketball

Evidence-based Classification in Track Athletics for Athletes with a Vision Impairment: A Delphi Study

Relationship of Sighting Ocular Dominance with Macular Photostress Test Time and Thickness of the Middle Macular Layers

Case Report: Use of Sports and Performance Vision Training to Benefit a Low Vision Patient's Function

An exploratory study of the potential effects of vision training on concussion incidence in football

Screening for lifetime concussion in athletes: importance of oculomotor measures

Heading Frequency Is More Strongly Related to Cognitive Performance Than Unintentional Head Impacts in Amateur Soccer Players

The Hand-eye Coordination of Professional Baseball Players: The Relationship to Batting

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