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Mitchell Scheiman, Michael Gallaway, Kelly A Frantz, Robert J Peters, Stanley Hatch, Madalyn Cuff, G Lynn Mitchell

Nearpoint of convergence: test procedure, target selection, and normative data

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Background: The purpose of this study was to help determine the most appropriate target to be used for the assessment of the nearpoint of convergence, normative data for the break and recovery in adults, and the diagnostic value of the red-glass modification and repetition of the nearpoint of convergence.

Methods: A total of 175 subjects with normal binocular vision and 38 subjects with convergence insufficiency were evaluated. The nearpoint of convergence was measured three ways, with an accommodative target, a penlight, and a penlight with red and green glasses. The nearpoint of convergence was also measured using a penlight for 10 repetitions.


Results: Results suggest a clinical cutoff value of 5 cm for the nearpoint of convergence break and 7 cm for the nearpoint of convergence recovery with either an accommodative target or a penlight with red and green glasses.

Conclusion: This study establishes normative data for the nearpoint of convergence break and recovery in the adult population and supports the value of various test modifications when other testing is equivocal.

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