Should you buy a low vision device at Walmart or Amazon?

Published on
January 20, 2022

When she recommends a low vision device to her patients, Dr. McBryar gets the question, "why is this device different from those I've tried on my own and didn't work?".

The importance of a Low Vision Evaluation 

Following a comprehensive evaluation of your vision we can then have a better understanding of what low vision devices will provide the most impact on your vision. 

Understanding the focal distance

Every optical device will have a set focal distance, for example magnification that works for a computer screen will not work for a tv or reading. 

Higher Magnification does not mean its better or good

As magnification increases it limits the field of view. Many times patients will purchase extremely high magnification but find no value as the field of view is far too small for the task they planned to use it for. 

Choosing the right tools

There are so many choices of low vision devices that it can be difficult to find the gems. It is important to get the most function out of a low vision device or it may not provide enough value to be used.
As a low vision optometrist, Dr. McBryar guides each patient with the best features and options for their needs and  at each budget. 

Visiting a Low Vision Optometrist 

When visiting a low vision optometrist and having a low vision evaluation, the patient is guided through a better understanding of their vision loss, a greater sense of hope, and a better understanding of the possibilities for maximizing their remaining vision. 

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