My daughter struggled to read for the majority of her school career. Her writing was “messy”. Home work was a battle that frequently tears. We began reading tutors in the third grade and saw only minimal improvement. Her self-esteem began to be negatively impacted during the fourth grade. We switched reading tutors at the beginning of  fifth grade. The tutor suggested that my daughter be evaluated for vision therapy. We were shocked when we reviewed the original evaluation result with Dr.McBryar. As early as three weeks into therapy we began to see differences in my daughter’s ability to track appropriately when reading. As therapy progressed her abilities and confidence soared! On her last report card of the fifth grade she received her first “A” in reading-it was her best report card since the third grade. For the first time in her life, my daughter asked for a book to read for pleasure. Her outlook on homework changed. Prior to therapy, she would dread homework and put it off until the last minute. After therapy, she was completing her homework in the car. Her writing is much neater, which has reduced the occurrence simple mistakes. She enjoys therapy and she has commented on her increased reading abilities and overall abilities. Her vision issue impacted her physical abilities as well. Catching a ball was difficult-but now how can she easily. In summary I would pay ten times the amount requested for the result and positive changes witnessed in my daughter. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Vision therapy has made a great difference in my child's life. Fortunately, his kindergarten teacher picked up that something was going on. As first grade stared, he would cry and say “mommie this is so hard I just can’t do it” When we read together, it took a while to really all great improvement, but we persisted and did as Dr.McBryar advised. He began improving by leaps and bounds mean the end of the treatment, and still experiencing residual  effects. We are so blessed to have found this and I honestly don’t know what we would have done  without it. 

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