When we started vision therapy, we didn't understand the limitations of Molley’s vision. We know she was having difficulty in being able to change her focus from deskwork to boardwork at school. We were unaware of how this would affect her long term as one eye was being ignored by her brain. We have tried patching but it had only produced a small improvement in her vision. Dr.McBryar and her staff were wonderful at working with Molley. Not only did Molley enjoy working with them but they were able to teach her how to use her both eyes together in a fun way. Dr.McBryar explained everything to us and kept us well-informed of Molley’s progress. We are so thankful for Dr. McBryar and her staff, Molley’s vision is much better than now as both eyes are working as a team. I am confident that the skills Molley learned in therapy will allow her to do whatever she chooses to do in her life. Without therapy, Molley would have limitations but now, she has the skills she needs. I would highly recommend vision therapy.



Thank you so much for all the work you’re done with my Zach. He reads much faster and smoothly and his reversals are minimal now. We can tell that this experience has been life changing for him.

His confidence at school and home is night and day compared to before therapy. Thanks for all the effort and energy you put into my child.

We couldn’t be happier with his progress.

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