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When Anna started to learn to read in kindergarten. She would complain that her eyes hurt. A visit to the optometrist showed no problems. She didn't need glasses. As reading requirements progressed, she continued to complain about her eyes hurting. Math was very difficult. She frequently miscoppied math problems, or misread word problems. Schoolwork took longer than normal to complete. She was getting further behind in school. So what was wrong? 

The summer before Anna started 6th grade, I saw an ad by Dr. McBryar with a checklist for students with vision problems; Anna had almost every indicator with checklists in hand, I made an appointment with our family’s optometrist and received a referral to Dr. McBryar.

Thank you to everyone at the Institute!

After about 8 weeks of therapy, Anna noticed that her eyes did not did not hurt as much when doing homework, and she could finish an assignment much more quickly. At completion, she can read pages and pages without her eyes hurting and does not lose her place on the page! Quickly, she can complete an entire math lesson. Thank you! Thank you!

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