Our daughter has benefited greatly from vision therapy. She no longer believed vision and headaches when She reads she has a more comprehensive understanding and is able to recall her reading more accurately

Her handwriting has dramatically improved as well as her spelling.  

She is a Gymnast and has enjoyed coordination and depth perception.

Overall we have seen wonderful improvements in her school work and well being.


Vision therapy has made my life better,overall.I work a full-time job where I work at a computer 8 plus hours a day. Before Vision therapy, I wasn't even making it to 12pm without being exhausted and having a headache. Now I can make it to the end of my shift without being exhausted and my headaches are not near as often. This has made work easier and more enjoyable. My evenings are more productive. Even my family has noticed I am not as tired. Vision therapy has helped my productivity increase and stay at a rate that is considered productive. I have even made some new friends! Thank you all for all you have done to help me these last 6 months! 


Vision therapy has helped Jacob with his school work in that he seems to have improved in his reading and writing skills.

It also has helped him in the game of lacrosse. He feels like he is able to follow the ball more closely. His reaction time has greatly improved since starting therapy.


Wow! Where do I even start? I came to Dr.MacBryar’s office with my daughter Savannah after being referred by our eye doctor. I was very skeptical at first but quietly realized after her first testing,that They were spot on with Savannah’s issues.Savannah absolutely loved her therapist. Aclison and couldn't wait to go every week. We started seeing Improvements in every area of her fibe some Math to reading, to hitting the softball 

Savannah initially went to < 4 level in many areas to 18 yrs in testing. It was almost income on how drastic her test score increased over 6 months.On our last lesson Savannah Cried because she would miss Aclison so much.and didn't want to stop vision therapy, I would say our is a success story on all levels and would highly recommend it! 

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