Before I started vision therapy, I was told I have convergence insufficiency.  Convergence insufficiency is where your eyes don't work together like they should. It  can cause blurred vision,  headaches and even make you nauseous. When  my eye doctor had told me what it was,  you highly recommended vision therapy.  And now that I've been through it, I  highly recommend it as well it's a wonderful practice it really does help your vision i never realized i could have control over my eyes until i started working with Mrs. Lee Ann,  at school i wasn't able to focus because the pain of my eyes west so bad i couldn't keep up with the lines of my books i'm so glad we took care of this when we did. It's  like a whole new world being able to have control over your eyes. I had a wonderful experience!



My son used to excuse himself from class because the anxiety of not being able to do the work. He  would throw tantrums when it came  time to do homework. He  would never attempt to read,  always wanted me to read to him, however if you ask him to read a single word he could. He could not read a sentence, only single words.

I think my child's words best sum up what VT  has done for him: " mom,  can we get this? ( the easy button at staples) " that way i can hit it each time i finish a page homework! " or : "Mom  the worst thing about VT  is that it is almost over!" He  love's coming to R. McBryar's  office. In 6  months my son went from not being able to read hop on pop by Dr. Seuss  the finishing  2 diary of wimpy kid books. The RESULT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! WE LOVE  what vision therapy has done for our son and his confidence!



As a young adult starting vision therapy I  was initially skeptical that anything could be able to fix the issues I faced with my vision,  since I could remember,  I struggled with moments of double vision,  impaired depth perception and difficulty keeping track of my eyes  while reading . As  a medical student training to be a surgeon it is vital for me to have excellent vision.

Initially,  progress was slow; it didn't necessarily enjoy going through VT.  However  after weeks of attending my sessions and completing my at home exercises I  started to notice  significant improvements.

Today,  I no longer experience any double vision;  something I never expected to ever change my depth perception  has also improved tremendously  and I now perceive the world in a 3- dimensional manner.


I am so appreciative to Dr. McBryar and the staff at the institute for vision development! My  daughter Caitlin,  is thrilled to be able to read without fighting the battle of blurry vision and double vision . She  suffered with headaches and complete exhaustion throughout  fourth grade.  She would reread material  up to five times because she was aware she was keeping words and lines . She  was also self-conscious that she was not reading as quickly as her peers and also worried that her vision problem could not be resolved .

Dr. McBryar  encourage Caitlin to persevere in the therapy even when it was difficult and no immediate change was noticed . She  also explain the purpose of exercises in therapy and explain the need for homework assignments .

When  results were achieve,  Caitlin  was THRILLED! I  remember her excitement when she could read with no vision problems . She  felt confident and proud of her accomplishments!  I   feel that she could not have achieved this great success without the guidance and instruction from Dr. McBryar . I am so grateful !!!

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