Vision Therapy has dramatically changed my son's life! Before therapy reading 2-3 pages was a struggle. He complained of headaches constantly! Sixteen weeks later, after seeing double, he can now read easily for over an hour without complaint! School work is now much easier for him! He no longer sees double!
I highly recommend therapy! The activities that he would have complained about in the past are now easy and enjoyable.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Riley had a wonderful experience at Vision Therapy. He came to the program barely reading on a first grade level and left the program reading on a med second grade level. Six month of therapy and tutoring took Riley to the level he needed to catch up with his class. The experience he had  gave Riley the confidence and skills needed for second grade reading. Dr.McBryar trained and taught Riley how to overcome his fears and struggle with reading. I see excitement from Riley now when he sits down to read a book. He doesn’t have the fear and embarrassment among his classmates. Thank you for everything you have done for Riley you have given him the skills to concern this issue in his life.

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