We have seen a definite improvement in handwriting skills, ability to copy artistic shapes and reading since Evan has completed the vision therapy program. He seemed to enjoy it as well. Thanks for you all your help.


Vision therapy has made a great difference in my child’s life.Fortunately,his was going on.As first grade started,he would cry and say “Mommie this is so hard,It took a while to really see great improvement,advised.He began improving by leaps and is still experiencing residual effects this.and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without it!


When our daughter got glasses at the age of three, we thought her vision problems would be solved. We were wrong. She struggled with reading in 1st + 2nd grade, but teachers felt it would work its self out, and that she tried hard. In 3rd grade we realized that she would only read and concentrate for a small periods of time. We thought She was being lazy and She would get frustrated, and would avoid reading. She told us one day that it was hard to keep her place when reading Chapter Books. We had tried eye therapy before with another doctor, but the program was not as intense as this one and it did not work. I did more research and found Doctor McBryar. We Saw rapid improvement in her ability to read and comprehend as well as a boost in confidence. One teacher at the school thought her reading test scores were wrong because of the drastic improvement We are pleased and hope that others with a child having problems, take a look at vision therapy.

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