When I read the above question to Christian, he immediately said, “Yes, I can read better.” that from my son. For me I say Yes! He is more confident, happier and has a new outlook on life! 

We had done several things before finding Dr. Heather. Nothing was working. I had no idea that he was seeing words jammed together and jumbled. His vision wa 20/20.

I cannot believe the progress he has made in 6 months.

I cannot never thank Dr. Heather and her staff enough.

We still have work to do however, no he sees the way  he is suppose to see. I have recommended Dr. Heather to a friend already and will continue to sing her praise.

Thank you! Thank you! 


Haley saw Dr. McBryar at the suggestion of a friend, who is a school psychologist at the time. She was reading Abeka 1st readers. At the end of her 21 week therapy, she was ready well out of 4th grade readers. Amazing sweet true!


Dr. McBray also picked up that she had audio processing and rhythm problems. She knew just who to send us to much improvement.

I guess I should have mentioned that Haley was 10 years old when met Dr. McBryar and at 10, 5th grade, she was reading only 1st grade level. 

We are on the office today, 10 years later, because Haley feels her eyesight is worse. They aren’t it is muscle getting spasms “Normal” eye doctors would not have caught that Dr.McBryar is highly recommended by me.

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