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Ortografía: una habilidad visual

Aproximadamente 1 de 4 niños tienen problema con el aprendizaje y desempeño escolar debido a un problema visual significativo.

Ortografía: una habilidad visual in Hixson

Amplify Eyecare Chattanooga

¿Has notado en tu hijo o estudiante problemas de ortografía en cualquiera de las siguientes maneras?

  • Letra ilegible
  • Letras se confunden como la “d”y la “b”
  • Muchas palabras con falta de ortografía
  • Poco espacio
  • Le cuesta escribir en líneas regladas
  • Escribe lento
  • El niño se cansa mucho al deletrear
  • El niño trata de evitar escribir completamente

Si alguno de arriba suena familiar, es posible que el problema detrás de los problemas de ortografía estén relacionados con las habilidades visuales de tu niño. La buena noticia es que hay un campo completo de optometría de desarrollo que pueden ayudar a tu niño a mejorar sus habilidades visuales para obtener mejores resultados de ortografía.

¿Cómo la ortografía está relacionada con la visión?

La visión es mucho más que una vista 20/20. Nuestros ojos son parte del sistema visual, lo que significa que deben cooperar y trabajar correctamente entre sí y, además, deben comunicarse con el cerebro para lograr la visión más efectiva. Si algo en el sistema visual está desequilibrado, puede afectar las actividades cotidianas, como la ortografía, la lectura y muchas otras funciones esenciales.

¿Cómo la ortografía está relacionada con la visión?

Más del 75% de las pruebas en la escuela pierden un problema visual

(Asociación Americana de Optometría)

Cuando un niño tiene problemas de ortografía podría ser una experiencia frustrante para los padres, para el maestro y por supuesto para el niño que le cuesta. Llevar a tu hijo o que un maestro le advierta a un padre de llevar a su hijo a un optometrista de desarrollo para un examen visual especializado y evaluación, podría ser la clave para ayudar a este niño a mejorar su ortografía y hasta sobresalir en desempeño escolar. El optometrista de desarrollo es capaz de detectar si hay alguna habilidad visual que requiere fortalecerse y puede proveer entrenamiento profesional para ayudar al niño a maximizar su sistema visual para tratar los desafíos visuales que el niño podría estar experimentando tratando de deletrear.

La ortografía involucra muchas habilidades, incluyendo la integración de las habilidades de lenguaje, visuales y motrices.

¿Qué habilidades visuales están involucradas con la ortografía?

  • Coordinación mano-ojo
  • Enfocarse de cerca
  • Seguimiento ocular
  • Movimiento ocular
  • Fijación
  • Procesamiento visual
  • Visualización
Dr. McBryar cartoon

A developmental optometrist is experienced in working with children to train and strengthen their visual skills, enabling them to excel at spelling and other tasks with greater ease and efficiency, breaking down the barriers that previously caused them so much frustration when trying to spell.


Vision therapy is well worth the response, time and effort. Our Son had a hard time focusing and writing neatly. After vision therapy Seth could complete a task in half the time if previously took. His abilities to focus improved greatly and so did his handwriting.

Also, he was better at listening. As a parent, we wanted learning to be fun for our Son, and vision therapy made this possible.

Amanda T.

Vision Therapy is well worth the expense, time and effort. Our son had a hard time focusing handwriting neatly. After vision therapy Seth could complete a task in half the time it previously took his abilities to focus and improved greatly and so did his handwriting.

Also, he was better at listening. As a parent you wanted learning to be fun for our son and vision therapy made this possible.

Alexa H.

Vision Therapy has given or son the tools he needs to be able to scan and read the written word more effectively and efficiently.

He love working with John and these working sessions give him the motivation to gladly work on his homework assignments.

It amazed us to see the difference in the tracking of his eyes and along a line of it's from the beginning to the end of the treatment.

Dr. McBryar , Kristen and John  are all marvelous and we would recommend them to anyone I only wish that we would have found them sooner!

Charlotte M.

Prior to coming to the institute for vision development my son complained of daily headaches. Therapy has eliminated his headaches completely. I love knowing my son is able to learn pain-free for the rest of his life because of the work that has been done over just a few weeks in this office. He he absolutely loved coming that didn't even feel like going to a doctor or therapy. We are grateful for the relief he was able to find by coming here.

Thank you!

Olivia C.

Seems much less frustrated with life

Reads non-stop and fast

Spelling abilities have been hugely improved

Seems much more confident

Thank You!!!

Kelly O.

When we first came to the practice, my son did not have huge issues, but lots of small ones- trouble with reading, sports (hitting the baseball consistently), coordination, etc- that were not easily detectable,but when put together presented issues. The staff here were all very professional and loving towards him. While I was concerned in the reading, my son was concerned with the athletic side. Seeing improvement night off the bat gave him confidence that i have nor seen in him and made him want to not only Come to therapy, but also made him want to work hard. He has surpassed his grade level and above in reading and hit his first home run this year! Thank you!!!

Alice M.
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