Vision Therapy Awareness

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How can Practitioners Explain the Benefits of Vision Therapy?

One of the best, most effective ways vision therapists can explain what they do and why it is so vital, is by sharing patient testimonials.

Patients, whether children, their parents, or adults seeking treatment for themselves, who share how vision therapy has improved or relieved their symptoms, can do so much to promote vision therapy and how it can benefit others. Patients who are willing to share their successes, who once suffered from convergence insufficiency that resulted in headaches after they read or attended a full school or workday, can best expound upon their treatments in ways that others can appreciate.

Vision Therapy Awareness

One of the biggest and most important issues vision therapists deal with is the lack of awareness of what vision therapy is and how it can help. In fact, many people have never heard of it and know little to nothing about what it consists of. In addition, they generally do not know the ways in which it can improve vision, performance in everyday tasks, and overall quality of life.


Why Testimonials are Important

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, and the same is true when a brief note explains how helpful a treatment has proven. Testimonials like these, for example, speak volumes. Consider:
  • Individuals who used to have a hard time reading because words seemed to float off the page or were unable to track what they were reading, who can now attest to how vision therapy has relieved things like eye strain and mental exhaustion.
  • Bright children who were unable to perform at grade level because their eyes belied their intelligence, for whom vision therapy restored their ability not only to perform but achieve success.
  • Older teens who have successfully completed a regimen of vision therapy who at one point could barely keep up in class, and have since been able to fill out college applications, attend university, and go on to achieve professional goals once out of reach.
  • And adults who found themselves unable to see clearly when they drove home after a long day at work, who reported feeling like safer drivers after completing a course of vision therapy.
Why Testimonials are Important
What Kinds of Symptoms Indicate the Need for Vision Therapy?

What Kinds of Symptoms Indicate the Need for Vision Therapy?

Children who experience headaches after a school day but not on the weekend may be good candidates for vision therapy. Additional symptoms that point to the potential for vision therapy include:
  • The sensation of words floating off the page during reading
  • Exhaustion after reading or performing activities that require prolonged periods of focus (in school, at work)
  • Frequently losing the place when reading
  • Being unable to recall or recall what has been read
  • The inability to keep up at school or work
What Kinds of Symptoms Indicate the Need for Vision Therapy?

How Can I Learn More About Vision Therapy?

If you think you might benefit from vision therapy but have questions about how it works, we encourage you to ask us about it. We also encourage you to read what patients just like you have shared with us. We proudly display their testimonials so that others can see for themselves just how significant vision therapy is.

Common Questions

To put it simply, a vision therapist is a person under the supervision of an optometrist who conducts therapeutic activities to help a person who suffers from a visual disorder.
Vision Therapy Awareness
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Increasing Awareness of Vision Therapy

If you have successfully had vision therapy, we encourage you to share your story with others. Though we are invested in vision therapy education it is oftentimes our patients who are able to spread the word about vision therapy in the best, most informative ways possible.

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